Working Out Is Paying Off

Working Out Is Paying Off

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Monday May 2nd I suffered a horrible injury to my knee.  I say horrible because the pain was unbelievable while it was happening.  The official name of the injury is called Patellar Tendon Rupture.  This basically means that the tendon in my thigh which attaches the knee cap to the knee ruptured and caused my knee cap to move.  Ouch yes!

As of now, Im in a knee mobilizer and have crutches and awaiting a doctors appointment to schedule a surgery.

The surgery is set to be an outpatient one and then physical therapy to follow.  Ive been reading that the physical therapy is painful but Im hoping that Im strong enough to handle it.  Ive honestly been experiencing knee pain for years but I never expected to reach this climax.

I am seeing some benefits to having worked over the years that is helping me cope.  Initially I was awkward with my crutches and moving my leg around.  However, I have figured out how to use some of my other muscles, Im actually using a move from Kickboxing with getting my bad leg into the bed without pain, I lift my leg in slow motion like a side kick  to get into bed and I know if I was out of shape that would be impossible.    I also notice that my arm muscles are really coming into play to help me get around on crutches.  Im also thinking of other ways to stay active and fit during this ordeal.  I wont know the full effects until after the surgery but I plan on being positive as I can be.  I reflect on some people have lost their legs or use of the them totally, so Im  thankful that hopefully this is something I can get through and get back on my feet soon.

My healthy journey is not over and Im not taking a break!  I will just modify!

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Motivation You Need ItHealthy Habits Pays off!January 29, 2011 Day 29- Measure Your Success

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