Does West Virginia Have A Health Insurance High Risk Pool?

Does West Virginia Have A Health Insurance High Risk Pool?

Yes, almost every state in the country has a health insurance high risk pool. A lot of Americans, in fact about 3/5ths of them get health insurance from their employees. This is through the group health insurance that most employers have in order to help out the employees. This group health insurance will take care of most major health costs that employees might need.

However, quite a few people who are without a job or are self-employed do not have the insurance benefits. If one has to take care of the family and children in special, they must have the right insurance and medical coverage in place. An incredible 16% of the population don''t seem to have this medical insurance. This is where health insurance high risk pools that are sponsored by the state come into picture.

These state sponsored risk pools are present in every state and were started almost 3 decades back in the state of Minnesota. The state sponsored high risk pools are there is place to help those Americans who don''t have medical insurance and cannot buy one. The state sponsored health insurance high risk pool in West Virginia is helpful especially for those individuals who have already been diagnosed with a health problem. Such individuals with serious health problems are less likely to get health insurance from various companies and even if they do the insurance is very expensive.

The health plan that has been created through a statute in West Virginia and offers health insurance to all the people in West Virginia especially those who are unable to afford a health insurance on their own in the market outside due to a severe medical condition.

Another important aspect that comes to the benefit of the people of West Virginia is that there is coverage for all those who are also eligible as per the Federal Portability Act. There are some people who can receive the benefits of the health insurance if they fall under the IRS health coverage tax credit program too.

The great thing about these state sponsored risk pools is that they are completely risk free, non-profit associations which in most states come in very handy. The risk pools do not use up the tax dollars either in order to operate. It is like a temporary offer for those individuals who cannot afford their health insurance.

These state sponsored health insurance risk pools are perfect as they come to the rescue of the citizens and offer a great alternative in most of the cases. Some of the people, even if they have a medical insurance don''t have sufficient coverage as that could become very expensive to say the least. Most importantly these risk pools which were created by the Affordable Care Act are like a great failsafe method to help out all those shortcomings of insurance. It also offers the high risk individuals with medical condition something to fall back upon in most cases.