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A Healthy Use for Your Cookie Jars! January 15th, 2009 No comments yet, so start us off...

Got cookie jars? If you happen to be looking for a great use for cookie jars that you want to keep on your kitchen counter but you don’t exactly keep copious cookies around…I’ve got a healthy use for your cookie jars.

Convert your cookie jars into tea jars!

It’s a great way to keep an assortment of tea bags conveniently located near your stove where you boil your water. This year I handed some winter cookie jars filled with an assortment of tea bags to a few of my friends and they loved it (at least that’s what they said). You can make them more “gifty” by wrapping them up in cellophane and adding colorful ribbon. Here’s a photo of the cookie jars I gave to my friends this holiday.

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"Other" Carbohydrates On the Label January 12th, 2009 No comments yet, so start us off...

One of the WebMD visitors on my Healthy Cooking community board posted a great question:

“I’m a diabetic (type 2) and I need some information about total carbohydrates and what does it mean when the label says “other carbohydrates”?

I know all of these terms can be so confusing. Basically the total carbohydrates includes everything and then some labels will break that out into subgroups like:

Fiber grams (this is not digested and will eventually exit the body)Read all of "Other" Carbohydrates On the LabelIt will take approximately 56 secs to read all 235 words.

Taste Test Tuesday: Promise Activ Super Shots January 6th, 2009 No comments yet, so start us off...

You’ll find these mini plastic bottles in the yogurt section of your supermarket. They are packaged in groups of four shots. I knew the shots contained a good-sized dose of plant sterols (the ones used in Promise Take Control margarine which have been clinically proven to help lower serum cholesterol) but I also expected them to contain some probiotics…based on the “activ” part of the name, “Promise Activ Super Shots.” Alas, after studying the packaging in detail, I didn’t find any evidence that a probiotic is added to this product. I didn’t even find the “contains active cultures” reassurance statement on the packaging.

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Being Smart About Hot Cocoa December 30th, 2008 No comments yet, so start us off...

The minute the cold weather hits, out comes the cocoa powder to make hot cocoa. It’s been a favorite winter beverage in the Magee house since my girls were old enough to ask for it! Since none of us particularly like drinking milk as a cold beverage, hot cocoa is a welcome opportunity to get some of that calcium, vitamin D, and protein that low fat milk so aptly provides.

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